Managing Student Employee Timecards

This guide is for supervisors in Student Life managing biweekly student employees. Supervisors that are unsure if this material is applicable to them may consult with their supervisor or HR Generalist.

Recording Shifts

Student employees will typically record their time by swiping into the timeclocks. Timeclock punches automatically load to the employee’s timecard in Student Life Timekeeping (SLTK). Using the Manage Employee Time module, a supervisor can add, delete, or make edits to a punch within the current pay period. Any edits to the timecard made by someone other than the employee are referred to as manual punches and will require the employee’s approval at the timeclock (more info below) for audit purposes. In order for SLTK to calculate a shift, every in-punch needs a corresponding out-punch. The shift will not pay and the timecard cannot be approved unless missing punches are resolved.

If a supervisor is unsure about the details of a specific punch, review the audit trail. The audit trail reflects every action that is made on a timecard, such as when and by whom it was created. For information regarding the additional links in the “other options” box, refer to our website.

Maximum Hours Worked

Per the Student Employment Policy, student employees are restricted to working 28 hours per week during terms they are enrolled and 38 hours per week during their off academic term and official school breaks. International students may only work up to 20 hours per week except during official school breaks or their authorized annual vacation period (Contact the Office of International Affairs for more information). If a biweekly student works more than 40 hours in a work week, they will earn overtime on any hours worked over 40 hours. On the second Monday of the pay period, SL Payroll sends email notifications to employees (supervisors are copied) that are going over 28/38 hours during the first week so the employee can proactively manage their time between appointments.

Approving the Timecard

Every two weeks, Payroll closes and processes the newly completed timecard. Prior to the approval deadline, supervisors should complete the approval checklist below. Supervisors will also want to ensure that all manual punches have been employee approved by reviewing the Manual Punch Audit Trail. Please keep in mind that when searching for a timecard on a deadline day, the timecard will be listed in the “previous” pay period. Changes cannot be made to a timecard in the previous pay period after the SLTK approval deadline.

Approval Checklist

  • Resolve any missing punches
  • Ensure timecard(s) reflect all hours worked
  • Supervisor-approve timecard(s)

History Timecards

A supervisor may need to use other modules aside from Manage Employee Time. For example, the View History Timecard Details module allows supervisors to review timecards older than the previous timecard. Keep in mind that the previous timecard will not display in this module and must be found using Manage Employee Time. In the event that a supervisor realizes an error on a previously processed timecard, refer to the Prior Period Adjustment Request module. Here, a supervisor can adjust an old timecard and request for the corrections to be made on a future paycheck.

Student Hold

If a student employee will not be working for 2 or more pay periods in a row but expect to return within 120 days (e.g., summer break) the supervisor can place their record on hold. Supervisors should contact SLHR with any questions relating to appropriate use of the hold code.

For questions regarding Timekeeping or to schedule an in-person system training session, please reach out to the Student Life Payroll team.