System Access Requests


 System Name  System Owner  Contact
BuckIQ CIO Deb Miller
Budget System Budget/Planning Donna Lewis
DOA Fiscal Compliance Laura Przytulski
OnBase BFAP/CIO Laura Przytulski
eLeave CIO See Below*** 
eReports CIO Laura Przytulski
eRequest CIO Laura Przytulski
eTravel CIO Laura Przytulski
SL Timekeeping  SL Payroll See Below*** 

If training completion is required for system access, please include documentation as necessary.

Requesting Payroll Access***

To request Student Life Timekeeping access for an employee who is new to Student Life and/or does not have access to the Student Life network (e.g. Windows, shared drives, etc.) please submit a Computer Account Request form. Please use the job aid below if you need assistance with this form.

To request Student Life Timekeeping access for an employee who already has access to the Student Life network (e.g. Windows, shared drives, etc.) please email Sabra Hickey to initiate the process. There is no longer a need to submit an "edit" computer account request.

To request eLeave backup access for an employee, please email Sabra Hickey to initiate the process. This refers to anyone who should be able to back up the supervisors of an entire org. Please note that any monthly employee has access to eLeave to manage their own leave, and any supervisor with monthly reports will have access to certify them and approve their leave requests. If you need to change a supervisor in eLeave, please contact your SLHR generalist to initiate that change.